‪#‎Dear_son‬ ‪ by Barbra Chege

I am gonna hold you down ,
Caress some senses into you,
Slowly rub all the paranoia out of you,
As I suck all the male chauvinism out of you,
Then finally spank some gender equality into your unfair ass,
So only till then will you qualify for the title a man, because manhood entails more than just peeling some banana,
Son I want you to be that guy that no one else will deserve more than your sonless mother-in-law,
Even when your creativity becomes the recipe for disaster and you fail to make her daughter your personal project,I will be here to help and assist you make the best out of your manhood by giving your mama a namesake,
For when the son goes down I wanna hear you call her baby and in the morning I will have some babies to take care of,
Son I want you to keep your mama busy even in her old age,
And just so you know,I will never question you when you quench your thirst, for you are a descendant of thirsty Muratina drinkers who stand soberly but stagger with wisdom,
But let them not say that you quench your thirst in the lavatories while the borehole is right under your nose,
Son, chopping some foreskin doesn’t initiate you to success you gotta toil and earn it for this is the curse that you serve, you are gonna serve it diligently!
Tell my offsprings that bitches don’t run after bitches, dogs don’t run after dogs,pollen grains don’t shift from an another to another that’s why we still eat the fruits to date! ‪#‎Dear_son‬ ‪#‎babraism‬!!!




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