This far niGod…mwas munyala

I’ve seen the sky fall,
the clouds form, slowly turning dark,
Seen the sun dim
The winds blow
I’ve watched the sun rise,
In different places,
Some places quite beautiful
I wanted dawn to last longer
I’ve seen the forest deep
Thorns grow sharp
And flowers blossom,
Leaves go green and most daily wither,
I’ve seen the birds fly,
Singing songs sweet but with a melody unknown,
I’ve seen the mountains,
Some quite big the hills seem piles of sand,
I’ve seen the rivers flow between them,
I’ve seen nature’s brightest moments
I’ve seen men too…
Met many people,
And they are quite different!
Some believed in me,
They held my hand some refused,
Some walked with me close,
Others walked away
Others stabbed me…
Some told me sorry,
Most sobbed with me,
But still I woke up deep dawn
Heart beat fast from the adventures of dreamland
Feeling a little lazy and afraid of the darks
To the mysteries of life,
to the victory of love,
the uncertainty of hope
to the grace of God
the grace of God…
the grace of God…
suddenly all seems clear
hope becomes faith…
thought delivers belief..
and we live on …we
live on and on
knowing that
From the bounds of my mind,
The troubles of my youth,
From my being a man,
And the unwavering desires,
From the battles for greatness,
and the fights for my unending dreams
From the eyes quite deceiving,
and the mouth talks a lot
From the journeys I got home safe,
the nights I slumbered off,
The smiles I gave,
The enemies I defended,
the empty pockets,
the struggle is real huh!but this far… Ni God
Still the clouds gather,
I know when it rains,
it pours….


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