Beauty Spots… By Mwas Munyala 

I’ve seen beauty spots in nature’s moments,

And I want to testify the greatness of love

The dauntless chimps,

Thank bold and the best,

The daring kind,

Some fake smiles to live on,

The honest kind,

The unforgiving,

The sad and forever seeking righteous

The music makers,

An the melody bringers

I’ve seen the roads with beautiful signs,

Those through landscapes green,

I’ve watched men dance at night,

And them that move like trees, sway 

I’ve seen them that break hearts

Those who mend,

And take advantage of pain,

I’ve seen mountains form,

Valleys fill with dust and litter,

But behold, I travel,

Finding me every day and fighting through,

Kissing enemies,

Writing stories of those that give me memories,

I have been dauntless,

I’ve been man in all these,

I’ve been wrong and right too,

Bold and afraid too, 

I’ve touched beauty and been alone too, 

So I sit rest, 

Watch while the wind blows and feel its touch, 

See the ocean waves and smile to them,

Meet that life with me and make stories, 

Chant of the things we love 

And just thank God 

For in this life, 

They’re beauty spots


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