​I prayed for a woman… Mwas munyala

Dear Lord,
I have asked for many things before,
Her being one of them,
And she came in a black dress,
Spotted with red dress and 6 inch heels,
She had no make up,
Her eyes teary,
and her dimples deep,
She had a body so heavenly,
Long legs
and she talked less,
And I took her in…
We talked
we Knew bits of us from each other’s eye,
And we kept learning,
Every day knew of unending love,
We walked,
Long travels of unending roads,
We argued,
Cried together and laughed too,
And I kept praying Lord,
That you turn her from girl to woman,
That you bless her of wisdom and might,
That you make her tales alive and lasting,
That you make her a good example of a woman,
For she be light one day in my home,
And I will dress her blue,
So the storms in my house be strong
but smooth like the ocean,
Or dress her white,
So peace might prevail,
Or still,
Undress her…
So we have nothing much to worry about,
But love.


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