Queening.. By Mwas munyala

I’ve seen you cry before,
Of him,
Of the times you had him and never got to the end,
I’ve seen you sob,
Holding his cloth,
And tight in his arms,
And in every moment.. In every situation,
He never looked into your eyes,
I’ve seen you make stories in your mind,
Images of how if, what if,
Thoughts of who’se with him,
And what’s he doing
Troubles of when he’s and how she’s
Worries of her,
The other chic,
See I been here all time,
Watching you grow from girl to lady,
And now with every bit of you
I crowned you woman,
Complete in physic and mind
Grown in essence and beauty,
I’ve watched you transform,
Change into one you don’t even see in the mirror
I’ve seen you change,
Becoming of value in every bit,
Growing in confidence
Shading off fear
Growing in love,
Learning every day that before him it’s you first,
That withal they’ll talk,
It’s you queen,
That before they, knew you were made best,
So nothing should stop you,
For in every bits of you there’s one queen…
In every image you see there’s the greatest
Look into the mirror,
Count the contours in your eyes,
See every each of them as a kingdom,
And you the queen,
So girl,
Woman up,
And make queen while the king still dreams


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