For my son…mwas munyala

One day,
when morning…
the bright sunlight holds little grace to give me…
if that day I had a son,
born of the gracious sun
if I had a son,
I would teach him to hate,
See the world deserves the worst from the best,
Or I would say the world pays the worst with the best…
So I would teach him to hate everyone,
Especially the most beautiful of creation,
So he dies not soon,
So he lives the longest in this world…
Not like Martin Luther King,
Or even Christ who loved all,
And left at 33,
See, like the legends of the world whom we write poems about
Lamenting how much they left that early

I would teach him to be a thief,,
So he gets rich as soon as
He won’t suffer at all,
So he don’t live in the slums,
Where justice is only for the “mighty”
See the system is quite horrible,
I wont let him read and read and read through books
I won’t let him go through what I have gone through,
I won’t let him live his first third of his life,
Looking for what his brain can do best,
Trying to understand the philosophy behind his own ability

So I would teach him to be an armed robber
So he won’t be afraid of the gunshots
Stray bullets roaming through unwarranted demonstrations
Looking for his innocent soul to consume!!
I want him to die a hero,
With a twenty one round gun salute
But he definitely won’t be an army officer,
I don’t have enough cash to bribe the general…

I would teach him to be a sinner,
So he wouldn’t wish much to be a hypocrite,
Not at all to think of celibacy
Since he would face temptation to adultery not,
And so he don’t risk joining the clergy,
Or the child molesting group of holy neards.

With all I would teach my son to believe in himself
So he won’t live in the wild thoughts of being the leader of tomorrow,
Tomorrow would live him dreaming so much about when it comes,
So I’d teach him to live a life at a time,
So if he dies today,
We would say in his eulogy,
He had finished his work on earth!!!
Coz he never ever dreamt about tomorrow,
Coz he had no vision.
Then I will say…
Am a good dad…


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