Touch me… By mwas munyala

DSC02537I have read your word,
Dear Lord,
Many at times,
I have learnt your doctrines and laws,
And I never understood your greatness,
Until I met with love..
See the beginning of life is a bearer of love,
So I learnt to write love stories,
And I do every then,
But myself I lost love,
And it pained me
So I prayed..
touch me Lord,
Touch the bits of me that matter most,
The bits of me that have lost touch with the essence of life,
Bits of me…
My eyes have wondered most,
Though I have found the beauty spots,
They seem to seek for much more,
And every time they wander,
I get lost in lust,
And my mind follows,
Creating images of moments,
I yearn for
creating castles that host cleopatra
Mansions of greed and want,
Then my heart…
Starts choosing between ghost
And spoils
Air and gas,
Power and fame,
Between care and play,
Snare and stone,
Weakness… Loss,
And my body…
It just bows to all..
Makes promises I can’t fulfil,
Shades to all,
I have lost in this games
Lost in this persuit of myself
And now I’m back,
So, Touch me…
With the true purpose of love,
The strength of your world,
Touch my mind so wisdom reigns,
My eyes so I see the greatness of your work,
My hand to learn restraint,
Touch my heart to learn respect,
Touch me
So love may reign
Dear Lord
Touch me…


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