Touch my hands… Talk to my soul ….by mwas munyala

the first time I saw you
the first time I met you..
I saw you on TV,
I had just come from work,
Tired as hell
And truly I knew less of what was going on..
I just saw you,
Nd I had conversations with my soul,
See me,
and my inside meet sometimes,
Mostly during crises,
And with this I was on red alert,
See, I’ve watched the sky before,
Long enough, I could see clouds dancing,
Some moved slow some fast,
Some went and never came back,
And once I tried focus on one beautiful star but I lost it,
So today I swore to stay alert,
I didn’t blink,
And every moment I hoped you’d share your twitter handle
So this tales go on,
I knew so much about you then,
Your love for 6 inch heels,
How your legs fitted perfectly,
The short dress was sassy,
And every part of your body seemed to fit in with perfection,
Your eyes blushed everytime you looked straight into mine…
I mean, into the camera,
And I could feel the connection,
I knew then I hit jackpot,
So we talked,
Me and my soul,
And we agreed you’re the perfect match,
So I mastered your voice,
I studied every spot in your body,
And how you walked, I studied how you winked, the size of your nails,
The things you like,
I created a list of woman,
Wrote down in my mind
And titled it dearest,
I told my friends about you,
So here,
If you want to know why I like you,
Touch my hands,
Talk to my soul


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