Main Chic

I’d have to tear words apart so I crown you my greatest Woman
I’ve been writing so long,
About my thoughts,
Things I dream and hear,
But today I write about you…
… My main Chic,
Life’s been rough,
Tough at times and full of itself,
But some moments you went through alone,
Back then when royalty begun,
Tears of pain
Turned to tears of joy
And hours of agony paid with the little me,
See I don’t remember,
And I still want to mention,
That before words flowed from my mouth,
I was of art,
And you kept telling me to write,
And I wrote,
And in every moment you taught me life’s amazing moments,
I was stubborn,
I listened and revolted,
I did and undid
And time moved on,..
Time flew past
I grew child then boy,
Now I’m man
But I still remember
That your teachings grew in me love
That your scolding made me love itself,
And I have met many others
And I promise,
That one I hold will be just like you, and you will be proud again,
And despite all she’ll know…
That before anyone…
I had you
And forever dearest mum…
I got you!


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