Me and you.. By Mwas munyala

The world is bigger than us,
In here…
Its just me and you
So hush baby hush
Today’s we burst out
My country people
I have met many,
Loved much less
I’ve kissed some,
made love to few still
I don’t win,
Battles of love they say,
In my endeavours I have made tunes that I danced to,
Made friends that I’ve loved and hurt,
I have made enemies I’ve kicked ass
Pals I’ve bid goodbye,
I’ve made. Mistakes big and small
But I still lived on,
And today I met you,
In here,
Its jus me and you,
So pets do this
Kill memories of bad and let good prevail, kill stories of loss,
And let winning fly
Let’s pretend we were just born
let’s start stories a fresh
Let’s make our own fairy,
So the poet writes of us


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