Me… Colors by Mwas munyala

I’m obsessed with colors,
I used to love blue,
Before I met black,
And I think I’ve seen heaven before, with the rainbow curved
Among the colors, red,
Was my favourite,
I named it color number 7,
For in every feeling I got,
It still had the warmth of love,
Then I met you
And everything stopped,
I bacame colour blind,
I don’t want heaven my lady,
I want the clouds,
So from time to time we get thick and pour,
I don’t want cold days
I want sunnier climes,
So once in a while you get hot n I bow to calm you,
I don’t want seven my lady,
I want 6,
For unlike the rainbow
I’d like you to have less one a color,
So I can paint you the seventh,
The color of my thoughts,
For our world will be different,
The sun will rise from the west and I want you to say.. Isorait,,
The moon will light blue
And I want you to say, it’s OK
Then our friends will start talking,
Of how I write alot
How I pictures of you alone ,
Of how my words break hearts and create castles in the air,
Of how I’m man and prone to temptation,,
But since we met I made you queen,
And from our dance I’d like the world to learn every move,
So come here my lady,
Kiss me
Let them that speak of us stop for r a while,
Let’s give them another story to talk about..


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