So when you touch me.. By mwas munyala

IMG_20180513_062618_108.jpgI have waited so long for the touch of your hand,
Dountless thoughts have devoured me in the process,
I have told my friends how much I longed for it,
I even showed them the picture of your palm,
So let me come closer,
Let me wash my thoughts of the feeling of the others,
Let me brush off the touch of the others,
And let me come closer
So you touch me…
touch me,
Or yet
Slap me
Draw the colors in your arms to the being of my cheek,
Make it hard so my thoughts feel too,
Hold my neck and look deep in me,
Remind me that the pleasures of the eye are a recipe to lust,
That the little thoughts of fantasy do not last beyond times,
Remind me dearest that true love weights heavy,
That from heartfelt thoughts
True love lasts,
Remind me that the color of your palms are the beauty of everything you touch
And that the man in me is a promise of its color,
So touch me..
Hold my neck in place so my face don’t move,
Look me in the eyes and tell me what you see,
Then teach me how to smile and laugh,
How to cry and mourn,
How to love and love,
So when you touch me,
I be free like a butterfly…


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